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Hazard Insurance

California residents are subject to a great deal of natural disasters and extreme weather on a regular basis. It is important to ensure your protection, and that of your home and property with a hazard insurance policy.

Hazard insurance is often associated with California home insurance, but it specifically covers physical damage. It protects you against the costs incurred from fire, vandalism, smoke, earthquake damages and more. Oftentimes you are required to open a hazard insurance policy when you take out a mortgage. When you open a hazard insurance policy through Massey Insurance, you can trust that you’re receiving a comprehensive policy.

A hazard insurance policy can be tailored toward the risks posed by a specific area. For example, California is prone to earthquakes and wildfires, so you would want to include related coverages under your hazard insurance policy. The agents at Massey Insurance can help you determine the strongest hazard insurance policy for your unique needs.

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