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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

When it comes to your car, it seems you can never have too much protection. While our auto liability insurance will keep you cruising along, it won’t protect you from the out-of-pocket expenses that come with everyday wear and tear. If you would like to insure the actual components of your car or truck, you may want to consider our outstanding mechanical breakdown insurance.

At Massey Insurance, our mechanical breakdown coverage provides:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Tire hazard protection
  • Rental vehicle assistance
  • Nationwide protection
  • Transferable coverage if you sell your vehicle

You can customize the extent of the coverage when you choose from our premium packages:

  • Platinum (The ultimate package, with no claim limits, that covers all mechanical and electrical components, from bumper to bumper)
  • Gold (The gold standard, with no claim limits, and thorough mechanical and electrical coverage)
  • Silver (Covers most mechanical and electrical systems, excluding audio systems)
  • Bronze (Covers the engine block, transmission, and drive axle)

Contact us today – or fill out our online form – and one of our dedicated agents will explain how the various coverage plans can work for you and your budget.

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