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2013 Contest Winner – continued

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As 2013 draws to a close, we’re plotting for our 2014 contest and in the process found that we hadn’t recognized our Grand Prize winners here on our blog. Robert Havens won our Grand Prize drawing in November for $500.00 Black Friday Cash. Robert got entries all year long by referring associates for quotes and leaving reviews … More

2013 Contest Winner

Category: Blog

As 2013 draws to a close, we’re plotting for our 2014 contest and in the    process found that we hadn’t recognized our Grand Prize winners here on our blog. Hank Smalley won our Grand Prize drawing in May for an Apple iPad and stopped by the office to show us he was already putting it use. Hank … More

The Importance of Insuring your Trucking Business

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If you run a small trucking business and operate under your own authority there may be specific commercial insurance policies you should consider. Bear in mind, insurance laws concerning trucking businesses vary between states, and also during the course of carrying out your business duties you may cross from one state into another, so it’s crucial you understand the trucking laws that relate to your business. 

Why you should Consider Key Person Coverage

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As a California small business owner, no doubt you’ve invested in
insurance coverage to help financially safeguard your business. One
insurance policy that may be vital to your business, but is often
dismissed as an unnecessary expense, is key person insurance.

Why Does your CA Business Need Liability Insurance?

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Small business owners in CA have many day-to-day tasks to content with.
Keeping things ticking along smoothly and keeping everyone happy as well
as being productive and profitable may seem an endless task. The
demands on your time can sometimes be overwhelming. One thing you can do
to help protect your enterprise is purchase the appropriate and
adequate business insurance portfolio. This may include coverage for
different types of contingencies such as:

The Cost Involved with Recruiting Workers in CA

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When starting a new business in California, the ‘to do’ list is probably
extremely long, from purchasing business insurance, to hiring new
employees. In the rush and bustle, be sure you understand the possible
costs involved with hiring employees, before you go ahead and schedule

Developing Quality Workplace Relationships

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There are numerous potential advantages of cultivating positive
relationships with your workers, including reduced staff turnover,
increased productivity and an overall happier workplace. Unfortunately
this is often overlooked when business owners become caught up with
mundane business tasks such as book keeping and business insurance

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