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Business Insurance

Being a business owner or executive comes with its share of liability and risk factors. Our knowledgeable agents here at Massey Insurance recognize the importance of having an insurance plan in hand so that your chances of insurable losses are minimized. Your potential risks can be assessed and an insurance policy that will address your needs will be put together for you. We, at Massey Insurance provide Business Insurance services throughout California.

California has specific state regulations that will determine your basic business insurance requirements. The commonly required insurance policies for a business owner or executive are workers compensation, unemployment, and disability insurance. These may not be enough coverage so we at Massey Insurance can put together the right insurance package for your business. Some of the other available insurance options are: a business owner’s policy, general liability, error & omissions, commercial auto and property insurance, group health and professional liability.

Because companies are so diverse in the type of business being done, our commercial insurance brokers can assist you in establishing a policy that is specific to your business needs.

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Business Auto Insurance

Because your business is your livelihood, any vehicles that you own should be protected. At Massey Insurance we can assist you in finding the best coverage to fit within your budget. Business auto insurance will cover those vehicles that are used by the business. It would be advantageous for you, as the owner, to purchase business auto insurance for your California business…

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Being a business ourselves, we know the importance of the proper coverage for your business and its employees as relates to workplace safety. In the event that an employee is injured at work, the proper worker’s compensation insurance can alleviate the risk of financial loss or criminal charges filed against your business. Because California has specific requirements for business owners regarding worker’s compensation, our expertise at Massey Insurance will find the right policy to cover your business.

General Liability Insurance

It is necessary for any business to carefully consider purchasing general liability insurance. In the trends of today, liability suits can greatly affect your business’s success or failure. This type of coverage can assist you in covering liability issues that are personal in nature, any advertising complaints and medical expenses incurred. At Massey Insurance, our agents have extensive experience and knowledge in the many facets of liability coverage.

Excess Liability / Umbrella Insurance

In our every changing economy, the future of your business is important. It is difficult to own a business and keep it growing with the many worries that you may face. Accidents and mistakes happen that could devastate your livelihood, which is your business. This is the purpose of excess liability insurance. This coverage can keep your business alive if you happen to be dealing with an unsatisfied customer or potential lawsuits.

Commercial Property Insurance

Massey Insurance provides business property insurance so that the future of your business is protected. There are, however, differences in this type of coverage compared to other business insurance solutions.

Home Based Business

Do you have a home based business like LuLaRoe, Scentsy, Perfectly Posh, or Oragami Owl? Did you know that your inventory in your house is NOT covered under your home owner’s insurance policy? Luckily with the emergence of home based businesses, the insurance industry now offers Home Based Business Lines of Coverage.

Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance can cover a wide variety of issues and operations, and coverage is needed in order to protect everyone involved. This coverage can apply to those hosting or staging the event, performing at the event and even protection for those who are attending the event.

Day Care Insurance

For a day care business it is extremely important to have all the necessary insurance coverage. Because this type of business is based on trust and professionalism…

Group Health Coverage

To have a California group health insurance available to your employees can greatly enhance the productivity of your business.

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