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Commercial Trucking

Massey Insurance is expert in all areas relating to the trucking industry and its insurance needs. Getting you the policies that you need at rates that you can afford is of utmost importance to us. Trusting an agency that has knowledge and expertise in the trucking industry is also important. Your livelihood may be at risk if the necessary coverage is not available to you.


We also offer specialized insurance packages to protect you and your employees from incidents where your company vehicle or your employees are at fault. This specialized insurance will cover your liability and property issues.

Therefore, with all that Massey Insurance has to offer you, choose Massey Insurance for all your insurance needs.

  • Long Haul Truckers – truckers transporting goods throughout the 48 states.
  • Local Trucking – truckers hauling goods within 50-100 miles of their loading station.
  • Dry Freight Trucking – truckers hauling dry goods within an enclosed trailer.
  • Reefer Trucking – truckers transporting refrigerated goods or frozen products.
  • Flatbed Trucking – truckers transporting goods on a flatbed trailer of all types and sizes.
  • Dump Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Business Vans
  • Commercial Cars
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Motor Truck Cargo

Truckers who haul freight/cargo face certain risks that must be addressed to insure proper coverage. If the cargo becomes lost, is stolen or even damaged, the person(s) doing the hauling may be held responsible for the all financial costs involved. It is very important to have Motor Truck Cargo Insurance in place for this very reason…

Physical Damage

Physical Damage insurance covers your truck in the case of an accident with another vehicle. The damage to your truck can be very costly, therefore, we offer two kinds of insurance that deal with this issue. Massey Insurance offers general collision insurance and a more inclusive comprehensive insurance.

General Liability Insurance

There are many hazards that a trucker could face in the process of doing business. You could be at risk and face liabilities that could affect the operating of your business successfully. Therefore, Massey Insurance provides general liability insurance to those truckers who wish to protect themselves in the event of a hazard that could affect both them and their business…

Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance

Massey Insurance provides additional coverage through an umbrella or excess insurance policy. This refers to liability insurance that is in excess of the primary insurance. This coverage comes into play after the primary insurance policy pays up to its limits for the losses…

Contingent Cargo Insurance

Contingent Cargo Insurance is a secondary insurance that covers some or all of the cost of handling, storing, getting rid of or replacing cargo that’s refused, damaged or lost…

Trucking Workers Compensation

At Massey Insurance we provide expertise in trucking workers compensation and occupational accident coverage. We can manage this type of policy according to the size of your fleet, as well as, the size of your budget. This compensation insurance is very beneficial to the person employing people to handle the job of delivering goods…

Fleet Trucking Insurance

Massey Insurance provides insurance for the fleet of vehicles that you use to deliver goods. Fleet insurance gives you assurance that all the issues that come with having multiple vehicles on the road, will be covered. You can choose to have all vehicles covered with the same types of coverage or a variety, all depending on your needs…

Tow Truck Insurance

Towing someone else’s vehicle as your business? At Massey Insurance we can provide you with tow truck insurance to cover you against damage and liability. Tow truck insurance provides coverage for the automobile being towed, property involved…

Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is a mandated insurance policy that all trucking business and professionals must carry and show proof of coverage. People who are in the trucking business, owners and operators, are facing dangers on a daily basis…

Dump Truck Insurance

At Massey Insurance we can insure those who work in the dump truck industry. These services can be offered to owner operators, trucking companies, small or large fleets and individuals…

Truck Roadside Assistance

When operating a trucking business, time is money. Breakdowns along the way can be expensive not only in terms of contracted delivery but the cargo being hauled can suffer as well. Even small roadside issues can be very costly…

Bobtail Liability Insurance

At Massey Insurance we offer a specialized type of insurance to the trucking industry. This insurance is called bobtail or non-trucking liability insurance. Working as an owner-operator, when under dispatch…

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