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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

While you are driving, auto liability insurance will keep you moving along. But any out of pocket expenses related to wear and tear of your vehicle will not be covered. Choosing mechanical breakdown insurance will be useful in taking care of the out-of-pocket expenses that happen with the actual mechanics of your vehicle.

At Massey Insurance we have several premium packages available for your consideration when purchasing mechanical breakdown insurance. The platinum protection has no claim limits and extends coverage to virtually every mechanical and electrical component of your vehicle.

The gold protection also has no claim limits with thorough mechanical and electrical coverage. The silver protection covers most mechanical and electrical components. The copper protection covers components ranging from the engine block, transmission/transfer case, to the air conditioning. With these options available to you, we at Massey Insurance can customize an insurance policy that fits your needs and affordability.

Copper Protection

Silver Protection

Gold Protection

Customized Protection

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