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Watercraft Insurance

With the warmer weather so common in California, having a boat or other watercraft allows you to relax and have a good time with family and friends. Our agency specializes in writing insurance for the various uses that come with owning a watercraft vehicle. At Massey Insurance our desire is that you enjoy your time on the water whether you are fishing, or taking a cruise, or wakeboarding. There are differences between the types of watercraft used in these scenarios and we can put together an insurance policy to fit your unique needs.

With the many different types of losses that can happen, our agency can provide you with the right policy. We offer medical payment coverage in the event of injury when on the water. Coverage for the physical damage that may happen to your boat, its motor, or the trailer used to haul your watercraft is also available.

Customized Insurance for your Watercraft

Medical Coverage

Physical Damage Coverage

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